Course content :

Scope of trade, introduction to electricity & safety precautions, common and tools, classification of electrical materials and accessories, basic electrical terms, work, power, energy, electrical measuring instruments, introduction to fitting work, carpentry work, sheet metal work, computer awareness, office package and internet, electrical basic circuits, domestic/commercial/industrial wiring installation, testing, fault finding and trouble shooting of installation, preparation of lay out, estimation & costing of various installations in various system of wiring, magnetism, electromagnetism, DC generators, AC and DC motors, their controls and panels, various types of starters used to start AC and DC motors in industries, AC fundamentals single phase and three phase circuits, alternators, transformer installation, energizing, parallel operation, generation, transmission and distribution of electricity, substation equipments, switch gears, relays, lightning arrestors, insulators, circuit breakers, laying of underground cables, cells and batteries, preparation of electrolyte for batteries, battery charging, illumination, different types of lamps, their fittings, LED, CFL.

Skill Acquired :

On completion of the course the Trainee will acquire thorough knowledge on Using electrical, fitting, carpentry and sheet metal tools. Using electrical instruments for measurement of voltage, current, power, power factor, energy etc. Carry out domestic/commercial/industrial wiring. Carry out commercial lighting for decoration etc. Testing of wing installation, locate fault and rectify them. Carry out UPS / INVERTER wiring. Carry out video/ audio cabling. Plan and estimate for domestic / commercial / industrial installation. Testing, connection, wire up panel control and run AC / DC machines, locate fault and rectify in any wiring system. Operate, maintain alternators and trouble shoot faults, rectify them. Install and connect transformer and carry out necessary maintenance.

Maintenance and charging of batteries, installation and repair fluorescent tube, sodium vapour lamp, neon sign tubes, decorative lights etc. Carry out computer / LAN cabling and networking. Options for employment: Vast job opportunities in electricity department, public sectors, private and Govt. industries, in power generation, transmission, distribution stations as wireman, lineman, service technician, lab technician, wireman supervisor,etc.

Options for Self–Employment :

License certificate for self employment, as wiring contractors, Shop owner for repairs of domestic appliances, sale of electrical materials and appliances, set up own electrical workshop, can undertake contract of installation of machinery, panel boards and bus bars in industries.