Course Content :

Importance of Welding in Industry, Safety in Manual, Metal Arc Welding, Oxy-Acetylene Welding and Cutting, Arc and Gas Welding Equipments, tools and accessories, Various Welding Processes and its applications, Arc and Gas Welding terms and definitions, Types of welding joints, Oxy-Acetylene cutting Equipment, principle and application, Common gases used for welding, Arc welding power sources, Welding positions, Arc length, Acetylene gas Purifier, Oxygen and Acetylene, gas cylinders, Arc blow, Electrode, Weld ability of different metals, Introduction to CO2 welding, Advantages of CO2 welding, Wire feed system, Classification of steel, Submerged arc welding process, Termite welding process, TIG welding process , Pulsed TIG welding, Friction welding process, Laser beam welding, Types of welding defects, Types of Inspection methods, Welding codes and standards, Plasma cutting.

Skills acquired :

On completion of initial course in general welding, the trainee shall be an expert in Electric arc welding, gas welding, CO2 MIG welding. He shall also be an expert in plasma cutting and gas cutting. On completion of next six months, the trainee would be expert in TIG/MIG or Pipe welding in all welding positions.

Options for employment are :

Electric arc welder; Gas Welder; CO2 MIG Welder; TIG welder; Gas Cutter; TIG/MIG welder; Pipe welder.

Options for self-employment are :

Can setup own fabrication workshop, Steel furniture workshop.