Course Content :

Importance of safety and precautions to be observed in the section as well as in the institute, measurements, tools like Hammer, Chisel, Vice, Files, Punch, Try square, Callipers, Scribing Block, Straight Edge, Hacksaw-Types & Uses, Drill & Drill m/c, Reamers, Tap & Dies- Types   Use. Classification of Lathe, Different parts & Function of Lathe, Different types of Lathe cutting  tools, Precision measuring Instruments like Vernire Calliper, Micrometers, Vernire bevel protractor,  line bar, Dial Test Indicator, etc ; Lathe accessories- Types & Use, Concept of Inter changeability,  limit, Fit, Tolerance, Different types of Gauges & their Use, Lathe operations, Jigs & Fixtures, Heat Treatment, Coolant & lubricants, Preventive maintenance & its necessity, Thread cutting on Lathe-Types of screw threads their forms, Thread dimensions, Multiple threads, Calculation for Gear Ratio, Process of Soldering, Welding & Brazing, CNC Technology-CNC Lathe parts, Programming, Program execution in different modes, Tool & Work Offset, Different types of programming Techniques, Automatic & Special Lathes, etc.

Skills Acquired :

On completion of the trade course, trainee shall be able to independently operate machines like centre lathe, turret, Capstan Lathe, Grinders, Drilling M/C etc. The trainee shall also be able to perform various operations like turning, facing, step turning, knurling, drilling, boring, taper turning, basic fitting, thread cutting, eccentric turning etc. The trainee also will be capable of programming and operating CNC lathe, which is essential in various industries.

Option for employment are :

After completion of the trade course, the trainee can be employed as a skilled turner in various industries like MPT, TATA MOTOR LTD., GAAL, ACGL, Chowgule Industries and Small Scale Industries in different industrial estates in the State.

Options for self-employment are :

Trainee can start his own Small Scale Industry, Manufacturing Unit for production of components like nut-blots, shafts, gears, pins, pulleys, crankshafts of various engines, cylinder boring and also undertake repair of all types of machinery.