Principal’s Message

My message to the trainees is that, in order to face the challenges of today's industry, in addition to technical skills, they need to attain proficiency in soft skills which would enhance their interactions, job performance and career prospects.

They must also remember that persistence and perseverance are crucial to success in life. The sun may be hidden under the dark clouds for a long time but the ultimate victory of the sun cannot be denied. Just as the fire makes gold shine all the brighter, hard work brings luster to man's personality and character.

They must keep in mind that their dexterity and adroitness is a reflection of the institute they are trained at. With dedication and hard work they will certainly became electricians, foremen and mechanics who have a name and recognition in the field of their specialization and gradually rise to higher levels of achievement.

I hope that all of you will have strong determination dedication, devotion and discipline view to ITI to uplift the institution.

Come join us through the various training programs and upgrade yourself. We offer amp; assure the best training in this institute.

Best Wishes,

Mr. Rajiv Ranjan Jha
Industrial Training Institute, Bettiah.