Mech. Tractor

Course Content :

General rule pertaining to the Institute, facilities available– Hostel, Recreation, Medical and Library working hours and time table Occupational Safety & Health Importance of Safety and general Precautions to be observed in the shop. Basic first aid, safety signs - for Danger, Warning, caution & personal safety message. Safe handling of Fuel Spillage, Fire extinguishers used for different types of fire. Safe disposal of toxic dust, safe handling and Periodic testing of lifting equipment, Authorization of Moving & road testing vehicles. Energy conservation-Definition, Energy Conservation Opportunities (ECOs)-Minor ECos and Medium ECOs, Major ECOs), Safety dispo Hand & Power Tools: Marking scheme, Marking material-chalk, Prussian blue. Cleaning tools- Scraper, wire brush, Emery paper, Description, care and use of Surface plates, steel rule, measuring tape, try square. Callipers-inside and outside. Dividers, surface gauges, scriber, punches-prick punch, centre punch, pin punch, hollow punch, number and letter punch. Chisel-flat, cross-cut. Hammer ball peen, lump, mallet. Screw drivers-blade screwdriver, Phillips screw driver, Ratchet screwdriver. Allen key, bench vice & C-clamps, Spanners- ring spanner, open end spanner & the combination spanner, universal adjustable open end spanner. Sockets & accessories, Pliers – Combination pliers, multi grip, long nose, flat-nose, Nippers or pincer pliers, Side cutters.

Skills Acquired :

On completion of the course the trainee becomes a mechanic for maintaining all diesel vehicles in various workshops. He shall be able to work on all vehicles, earth movers, stationary engines (industrial) and marine engines. He shall be able to work as an Engine Operator and Oilman on ships, trawlers and barges. He shall be able to work as Machine Operator in an Engine Workshop. He can handle repairs & maintenance of all types of engines. He will be able to work as Calibration Machine Operator for fuel systems of diesel engines.

Trouble Shooting :

Trouble shooting practice in heavy vehicle, study of motor vehicle acts, rules and regulation, license of driver, traffic rules and signals, tax insurance and duties of driver in case of accidents.